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This site is where you source good and cheap natural food products. If anything you are looking for is not in our catalog, please let us know and we will get you in our offline extended vast resources.



Seaweeds are scientifically analyzed and popularly believed to be macrobiotic diets. Other than human food, they are also served as animal feed and fertilizer, and even raw materials for making body care health products.

The seaweeds we supply are nori, kombu, wakame and hijiki. These are all Japanese names. For their Latin names, check here. Another common name for nori is laver, and we have kelp for kombu. The seaweeds are all grown in unpolluted sea waters and are processed without any chemicals.



We supply dried sheet, roasted sheet and seasoned small chips. The sheet specification is 19cm x 21cm +/- 0.5cm and weigh 2.7-3.0g/sheet. The dried sheet is also called raw nori or hoshi nori. The roasted sheet is called yaki nori or sushi nori, because it is generally used in sushi. The seasoned chip is a savoury snack.

For dried and roasted sheets, we supply 7sheet pack, 10sheet pack, 50sheet pack and 100sheet pack. We pack our products in neutral packing. We also accept your own label or brand packing. We can do the printing for you here.

The seasoned nori is the size that is cut from the roasted sheet fractioned into 12 chips. We get 3 or 4 chips to form a bundle sealed in plastic and six of them form a plate. The bundles can be torn off from each other along the pressed line. So we pack the seasoned nori 100 bundles per bag. We have 3chip bundle and 4chip bundle packing for you to choose.

We also supply toasted nori flakes and AO nori flakes which are sold by weight per KG.

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AO Nori

It is also known as green laver, sea lettuce and ulva lactuca. We process it into flakes of 2-4mm mesh.

Another kind of green laver scientifically named Enteromorpha is synonymous with the genus Ulva.

We may process them tailored to your specific requirements such as powder, etc.

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Basically we export dried kombu and pack them according to your requirement. We also process kombu in shreds, twists, rolls and powders. For powders, we supply both food grade and feed grade. We also supply raw kombu used for agricultural purposes (organic fertilizers).

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It is generally the same as what we do with kombu. You can be always telling us what your specific requests are and we will process accordingly.

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We mainly supply dried hijiki with grades "L" and "S".

The common thing we do with our seaweed products is that we can always pack them in your own labels or brands.

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It is generally used for making agar agar but can also be eaten as food.

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Japanese word for agar agar. We supply kanten bar or powder/flakes.

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